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Duschspaß mit Sparduschkopf

Economy shower heads by SCHÜTTE

Sustainable showering. Protect the environment. Save over 50%1.

Imagine standing in the shower every day with that good feeling of saving water, energy and money. With our innovative economy shower heads, you can achieve just that! In times of permanently high energy costs, it's comforting to know that with every drop of water you save, you also reduce your energy consumption.

Save over 50% water and energy when showering1

Our bestseller: SAMOA RAIN

The SAMOA RAIN economy shower head

Take the first step towards more sustainable showering now and relieve the burden on the environment and your wallet at the same time. Discover our bestseller, the SAMOA RAIN economy shower head. Experience for yourself how pleasant and easy it is to reduce energy costs while acting responsibly.

~ 8 litres per minute at 3 bar1

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Sustainable showering. Protect the environment.

The economy miracle: only 6 litres

CAPRI: The improved best seller

Discover our new product: the CAPRI economy shower head combines impressive economy with a stunning design that will delight your senses. With a flow rate of only about 6 litres per minute, the CAPRI shower head is a true miracle of economy. What's more, it's a hand-held delight that will transform your daily showering experience into a sensual pleasure. Enjoy an unforgettable shower experience from 300 fine nozzles.

~ 6 litres per minute at 3 bar1

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1All information on costs and potential savings are estimates. The potential savings refer to the savings when using an 8-litre or 6-litre per minute showerhead compared to a classic 16-litre per minute showerhead. An 8-litre shower head saves 50% of the water and energy needed to heat the water compared to a 16-litre shower head. The flow rate data always refer to a water pressure of 3 bar. The actual consumption values, costs and savings may vary depending on many factors, such as the efficiency of the heating system, the outside temperature, the water pressure, the flow rate of the shower head used, the individual showering behaviour and the individual costs for water and energy.