Our contribution to a liveable environment

Water is our origin and the source of life. To ensure that this remains the case and that future generations also find an environment worth living in, we have been investing in sustainability for many years in order to keep the company's ecological footprint as small as possible - and to permanently offset it where it cannot be avoided.



New construction of the site
taking into account
sustainable construction



Installation of powerful
photovoltaic systems on
the warehouses



Start of the conversion
of the vehicle fleet to
Electric vehicles



The entire company
works climate neutral
through CO2 compensation

CO2 reduction

The primary goal of our efforts is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, we have, among other things, installed large photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our warehouses, which we already use to cover a large part of our electricity needs. In addition, there are other measures, such as the conversion to an electrically powered vehicle fleet and the use of a climate-friendly heat pump, which allows us to do without fossil fuels as far as possible.

CO2 compensation

CO2 emissions of our company, which we have not yet been able to avoid despite all our efforts, are compensated for by recognised climate certificates, so that we operate on a balance sheet neutral basis at our company location in Wallenhorst through CO2 compensation.

Certified climate neutral

Climate neutral is still not a protected term. This makes it all the more important to be open and transparent about how climate neutrality is achieved.

In our case, this means that together with Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG to determine the greenhouse gas balance of the entire group of companies.

The calculation was based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), which covers all greenhouse gases regulated under the Kyoto Protocol.

(Image source: Fokus Zukunft)

Berechnung und Zuweisung der Emissionen

Die Berechnung der Unternehmensemissionen erfolgte in Anlehnung an das Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), welches sämtliche im Rahmen des Kyoto-Protokolls regulierten Treibhausgase erfasst. Dabei unterteilt das GHG-Protokoll Emissionen in drei Kategorien.

Recognised climate protection certificates

The emissions determined in cooperation with Fokus Zukunft, which cannot yet be avoided despite all sustainability efforts, are offset by the purchase of recognised climate protection certificates. The climate project selected for this purpose complies with the conditions of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which was developed within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol.

Economy shower heads

Modern water-saving shower heads, like our CAPRI model, are particularly valuable in times of high energy costs. They not only save water, but also reduce energy consumption with every saved drop of heated water. Our CAPRI model is characterized by a water flow rate of only about 6 liters per minute at 3 bar.

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Cold Start & Eco Click

Many SCHÜTTE faucets feature water and energy-saving functions, such as the Cold-Start and Eco-Click functions. Both can help save water and energy. The Cold-Start function ensures that only cold water flows when the lever is in the middle position, avoiding unnecessary water heating. The Eco-Click function provides resistance when the lever is opened, signaling a water-saving flow rate and automatically locking in this position. Both functions contribute to sustainability and are easy to integrate into everyday life.

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